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Intelisale platform for B2B and B2C sales

Intelisale provides customers with everything they need to reshape their sales strategies and digitize their business

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Fleet management system

The Fleet Management System allows companies to easily manage a fleet of transport and passenger vehicles.

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Asw:mercantis is a popular, flexible product that fully supports the processes within a retail company.

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Opera is a program that allows for easier planning and monitoring of regular daily activities. Learn more

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SAS Visual Analytics

The Managed Analytics Platform is a solution for advanced banking sector analytics based on SAS analytics solutions.

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PRUNO is a fully automated e-commerce system that detects fraudulent activities in real-time.

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Video streaming in the cloud

Highly accessible, scalable, and secure platform for streaming high-quality content hosted in the cloud infrastructure.

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Advantages of MNS Cloud Marketplace

Reliable ICT solutions

Mainstream Cloud Marketplace brings together selected business solutions for a variety of industries that meet the demands of modern business in terms of performance, quality, and safety.


We help companies simplify the process of adopting new technologies by offering a complete service in terms of installation, integration, and maintenance of cloud applications. Our global expertise, local support, and strong cooperation with partners guarantee the smooth use of business applications.

Security and monitoring

With three data centers in Belgrade and Kragujevac and constant monitoring of application performance and security, we guarantee that your solutions will be available in accordance with the agreed SLA.

Proven approach

Thanks to the transparent process and proven methodologies based on numerous cloud implementation projects, we help clients reduce risk, optimize costs, and make the selected cloud solutions and apps work for their business.


Needs analysis

The Mainstream team recommends an adequate business solution in the cloud marketplace based on a free needs analysis.

Defining the project framework and budget

By signing a cooperation agreement, we enter a partnership with a transparent budget and clear implementation steps.


We upload the solution of your choice to the chosen cloud environment and adapt it to the specific needs and processes in your company.


We help you integrate your business solution with existing applications and systems in your environment so that data flow is secure and consistent and the use of the solution efficient.

Maintenance and support

The Mainstream team proactively solves all problems with the applications, takes care of updates, security, and maintenance of the background infrastructure on the cloud, and offers 24/7 support.

The right cloud for your applications

Rely on the expertise of our experts to help you get the most out of your business applications and choose the optimal cloud platform.

Mainstream is a leader in advanced cloud services, with expertise in designing, creating, and managing custom cloud environments on the leading public cloud platforms — Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud — as well as on its own Mainstream Enterprise Cloud and Managed Hosting platforms, which are based on years of experience and guarantee high availability and data security.

Our idea of development is based on creating personalized solutions for every client — regardless of the choice of cloud model and provider. Whatever your needs are and whichever Cloud Marketplace solution you implement, we will help you apply adequate cloud technology to your applications and business processes while focusing on return on investment.

Why cloud?


Scalability of resources to match current business needs without huge investments is one of the main advantages of the cloud. The possibility of selecting and combining different cloud models (public, private, and hybrid) with the existing infrastructure provides a solution for various business needs.


Maximum availability of applications and data, fast development and implementation, data security in unforeseen circumstances, cuts in the costs of IT equipment, as well as cost predictability are some characteristics of the cloud that contribute to business efficiency.

Strategic value

By taking advantage of cloud technology, the IT sector gets more time to focus on strategic IT initiatives and take the lead in digital business transformation. The constant availability of expert support through our managed services also contributes to the fact that the IT team can rely on a professional partner for advice as well as always count on the most state-of-the-art equipment.


Advantages: no large investments, constant improvements, construction, and maintenance of the data center. You get as many resources as needed, with the option to scale based on the circumstances. Costs move from CapEx to OpEx and become predictable and easier to control and manage.

We have been offering Web TV to the visitors of our portal for years due to a great interest in video content and an impeccable user experience. A reliable and scalable on-demand platform in the cloud has proven to be the right choice for our popular content.

Ivan Jelic,
Product & Development Director Prva Srpska Televizija

One of the goals of our company is to be recognized, thanks to the service it provides, as a technically advanced company in retail. The basis of this system lies in innovative and efficient cloud solutions that offer resource optimization and support for our continuous development. Mainstream team’s expertise and proactive approach have enabled us to respond to current and future challenges and realize our KPIs.

Bojan Ivetic,
Deputy General Manager Gomex
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