Desktop as a Service

Transfer your work environment into a secure mobile office.
Briefly about the solution

Our DaaS solution allows you to improve business mobility, eliminate the demanding and lengthy process of acquiring business computers and reduce the cost of infrastructure ownership. As a reliable DaaS provider, Mainstream helps companies take full advantage of desktop virtualization with a flexible and cost-effective implementation model. 

Greater flexibility, lower costs

Mainstream Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is an ideal solution for companies that want to improve business mobility in a cost-effective way while avoiding the complexity of VDI management via a fully managed service. 


Thanks to the DaaS concept, you can quickly and easily provide your employees with the necessary resources and allow them to work without purchasing hardware with specific configurations. At the same time, you get rid of worries about the functioning of your computers because security, backup, updates, and infrastructure maintenance are taken care of by the Mainstream team. 


Virtual desktops are hosted on a secure cloud and can be accessed from a variety of operating systems and devices. This enables the safe application of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) concept and establishes a greater level of mobility as employees do not have to rely on local infrastructure to perform day-to-day tasks.




With DaaS, your employees can securely access virtual desktops, applications, and data from a variety of devices and from any location.


If your business involves working on one-off projects or fluctuations in the number of employees, DaaS is the ideal solution because it allows you to easily add and reduce the number of users as needed.

Lower costs

Pay only for what you use and maintain liquidity by turning capital investments that go into PCs and laptops into predictable operating costs. 

Fast activation

Using Mainstream DaaS, you can establish a work environment for your employees in a short time. It takes 1 hour to 2 days to activate the solution, depending on the implementation model. 

High performance

With the application of the best technologies at all levels, we guarantee fast response times, maximum performance, and the flawless experience of your customers. 

Security and support

The Mainstream DaaS solution is hosted in a Tier3 data center with strict security standards. Our team provides complete support for the operation of solutions and cloud infrastructure with 24/7 support. 

When to use Desktop as a Service

Companies in all industries use DaaS to modernize the traditional PC environment, reduce capital investments, and improve business mobility. 


DaaS is the optimal model for your business if:


  • You have seasonal fluctuations in the number of employees and temporary external associates;
  • You want to support employees that work from home;
  • You operate in multiple locations or expand your branch network;
  • You want to ensure business continuity.

Solution users

Ringier Axel Springer is a leading media company known for its wide portfolio of digital and print publications.


A total of 450 users in different departments of the company use the Mainstream DaaS solution with advanced graphic standards hosted in a private cloud.



Implementation steps

Step 1

Requirements and configuration analysis

Step 2

Booting an isolated environment on the cloud to host a virtual desktop

Step 3

Service activation and continuous support

Technical characteristics

Desktop as a Service is based on VMware Horizon desktop & application virtualization solution technology that guarantees a stable, fast, and secure user experience. 

The solution is hosted in an isolated environment on the Mainstream Enterprise Cloud platform, with access to desktops through IPsec. Depending on the needs, the DaaS environment can be connected by an IPsec tunnel or L2VPN/L3VPN/MPLS service to a corporate network. All users of the DaaS network are located within an isolated AD.

About the company

Mainstream is a leading company in the region in the field of advanced cloud and managed hosting services, and it is a reliable partner of clients on the way to the transformation of IT infrastructure. As a multi-cloud partner, Mainstream brings expertise to cloud design, migration, and management on leading public cloud platforms — Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud — as well as its own Mainstream Enterprise Cloud and Managed Hosting platforms based on over ten years of experience. 


With the state-of-the-art infrastructure in three Tier3-certified data centers, Mainstream provides advanced cloud services that help companies modernize their IT systems, optimize costs, and improve reliability, flexibility, and agility in delivering IT resources.

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