ERP in the cloud

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About the solution

ERP in the cloud is a complete service for migrating an existing or implementing a new Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) solution to a selected cloud platform. By using this service, your company can eliminate the costs and complexity of physical infrastructure and focus on creating business value without worrying about the functioning of ERP software. 


With market-leading software products such as SAP, Pantheon, and Navision, multi-cloud expertise, and fully managed service, Mainstream brings together everything you need to implement ERP solutions in the cloud. 

Our consultants are there to guide you through the entire process — from the process and needs analysis through licensing, installation, and integration with the existing IT environment to the design and management of the optimal cloud infrastructure for ERP software in your company.


By using ERP in the cloud, you gain access to a highly accessible infrastructure maintained by Mainstream experts. The solution is scalable, flexible, and can be adapted to your business and IT needs — in the application domain, as well as the domain of cloud infrastructure.

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Better solution availability

By moving to a trusted cloud environment, you will ensure the availability of the ERP software you use in your day-to-day business processes. Our service guarantees the availability of the application of 99.9% with constant support for solving problems with the application.

Lower cost of ownership

ERP in the cloud allows you to reduce the cost of ownership compared to on-premise implementation, as it does not require investment in hardware and IT resources to maintain the infrastructure. 

Tight integration

Together with specialized partners, our team will ensure seamless integration of ERP solutions with business applications and systems you already use. 

Personalized cloud model

Whether it is a private or public cloud, Mainstream experts will help you choose the optimal environment for your ERP software and customize it to your needs. 

ERP in the cloud: possible applications

Small and medium enterprises with a limited IT budget

For companies that want to improve and automate business processes, improve data consistency and operational efficiency, and which have a limited IT budget, ERP in the cloud is an ideal solution. This ERP implementation model does not require capital investment in hardware and facilitates IT cost planning.


Companies in specific industries

If your business requires high-availability ERP solutions — for example, to manage logistics and industrial processes — application downtime can be a big problem. Our cloud service guarantees that your ERP software will always be available thanks to state-of-the-art infrastructure and proactive management.


Existing ERP users (SMEs and Enterprise) on the way to digitalization

If you already use ERP, migration to the cloud is a new step towards business digitalization, which brings numerous benefits: lower costs of ownership, flexible infrastructure, agility and scalability at the application level, and exploitation of IT resources.

Implementation steps

Step 1

Analysis of software requirements and business processes that the ERP solution should support.

Step 2

Installation of selected ERP software.

Step 3

The cloud hosting and management services solution is set up to support ERP.

Step 4

The client can use the desired ERP services on the cloud platform with expert support and hosting. 

Technical characteristics and compatibility

The Mainstream Enterprise platform is based on VMware, Hyper-V, Cisco ACI, Citrix Netscaler, NetApp, 3PAR systems. All Mainstream data centers are Tier 3 certified, and our SLA guarantees availability and performance at the service and application level. The solution can also be implemented on leading public cloud platforms: Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud.

About the company

Mainstream is a leading company in the region for providing enterprise cloud, managed hosting, and other services in the field of IT infrastructure. We are recognized for our expertise in providing advanced services to companies that are beginning the process of digital transformation, as well as traditional companies that want to transform their IT in order to increase efficiency and optimize the use of IT infrastructure.

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