Opera Fleet Costs

Increase fleet efficiency and simplify resource management with modern cloud tools.
Briefly about the solution

Opera Fleet Costs is a system intended for companies that own a vehicle fleet. The system is used to record all interventions on fleet vehicles, as an automatic reminder of upcoming services based on the time elapsed since the last intervention, and to measure mileage by GPS tracking system, as well as to track and control costs. 

A modern tool for fleet managers

Opera Fleet Costs is a functional tool for fleet managers that helps solve challenges such as reducing maintenance and fuel costs, compliance with environmental standards and regulations. For companies for which vehicles are one of the key resources, Opera Fleet Costs brings much-needed functionality to:


  • Keeping records of interventions on vehicles from the fleet;
  • Keeping cost records and service statistics;
  • Service interventions, both regular and in case of emergency;
  • Services, KPI services, parts and fluids records (oil, antifreeze, etc.);
  • Automatic notifications for upcoming interventions;
  • Notifications based on the distance travelled in kilometres measured by GPS tracking system or time.



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Granular access to data

Opera Fleet Cost offers insight into invoices and all maintenance items in one place, from service interventions through procurement, leasing, and damages. 

Complete records

Invoices and maintenance items, as well as all necessary permits, licenses, attestations, and homologations. 

Digital cost analysis

Fleet interventions can also be typed in the system to facilitate entry and enable quality digital cost analysis.

Personalized cloud model

Depending on your needs, our experts will help you implement the solution in the public or private cloud and design the optimal environment for the operation of the Opera Fleet costs solution in your company.

High availability

Our cloud platform guarantees 99.9% availability, with three Tier 3 data centers and the application of the highest security standards.

End-to-end service

Focus on strategic initiatives with support at all stages, from analysis to implementation to cloud infrastructure management and solution maintenance support

Use of the solution

Opera Fleet Costs provides functional units and features such as:


  • Service centers keeping complete master data on service technicians, services, leasing companies, insurance companies, issuers of documents, permits, and certificates that participate in vehicle servicing. In addition to the basic personal and address (contact) data, records are kept on the nominal price of a working hour in order to choose the most favorable one.


  • Cost Centersfor the purpose of reporting and cost analysis of spare parts, insurance, administration, leasing, tires, regular and emergency service, etc.


  • Tires a special unit of the system is intended for recording data on tires. The make, type, tire dimensions, and recommended mileage for replacement can be entered into the system.


  • Spare parts managementspare parts in the system are recorded at the entry point as invoice items, where the item is marked as a free spare part, which therefore goes to the stock of spare parts.

Solution users

Vaš Potrčko

Courier service

We are witnessing the growth of the need to deliver products, primarily to home addresses, which inevitably leads to an increase in the need for delivery and courier services and thus to organizational challenges, increased competition, but also an increasingly demanding market. The introduction of the necessary tools has become not only a need but a necessity. 


The fleet system provides optimization of the maintenance of the complete fleet, as well as complete control over the basic resources of courier companies. Significant cost reductions are achieved, ensuring better operability and reliability of the funds themselves.


Courier service

Fleet management is a system of technologies and procedures that help organizations and fleet managers work in the most efficient way, and as delivery and courier companies face growing demand, strong competition, and other industrial challenges, fleet management has become key to making a difference in a crowded market, improving productivity and security, and positively impacting service quality.

Implementation steps

Step 1

System analysis, collection, and harmonization of user requirements. 

Step 2

Development of functional and technical specifications and project plans.

Step 3

System implementation, account opening, and privilege setting.

Step 4

Creating a cloud environment and testing.

Step 5

Going live and providing support.

Technical characteristics

The platform is based on a microservice architecture, with an isolated presentation layer and a unique “identity” server. As a result, it is extensible and upgradable to add new modules, but also various client systems such as mobile applications or integrations with external systems such as gas station accounts, ERP, SAP, Fleet, and Warehouse Management systems. 

The Mainstream Enterprise platform is based on VMware, Hyper-V, Cisco ACI, Citrix Netscaler, NetApp, 3PAR systems. The solution is also available through public cloud delivery models that include leading platforms: Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud.

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