PI Insurance DWH Model

Unlock insights and make smarter business decisions for Insurance companies.
About the solution

The PI Insurance DWH Model is a central repository of data integrated from a wide range of sources. It allows you to unlock insights and make smarter business decisions, giving you a clearer picture of your data.


The PI Insurance DWH Model helps you make the right decisions and take appropriate actions that will affect your decision-making process. It provides the basis for quality analysis of available data by deriving accurate information from data. Insurance Data Warehouse Data Model is a standard industry data warehouse model applicable for both life and non-life insurances. Based on data represented in the model, all standard insurance reporting and analysis Data Marts can be delivered.

Key business benefits

Provides a “single version of the truth”

Enables consistent and consolidated reports

Possibility to create a number of datamarts based on the currently existing entities

Delivers competitive advantage by enabling the consolidation of clean data across multiple systems

Supports rapid implementation of warehousing solutions with meaningful data

Facilitates a structured approach to subsequent customization and extension of the data warehouse

Well documented, tested and implemented DWH model

Enables business users to more effectively control and reduce the time taken to scope their requirements, as well as subsequent customization and any extension of the data warehouse

Minimizes development costs

Reduces the risk of failure by facilitating an incremental approach to delivering integrated data warehouse solution

Provides updates to include ongoing data requirements of industry directives regularly

Use cases

The PI Insurance DWH Model is relevant for any businesses in the insurance industry. It enables insurances to exploit the potential of detailed information previously locked in legacy systems and inaccessible to the business user. The PI Insurance DWH Model is a platform-independent solution that offers the scalability and flexibility needed to address existing and future data consolidation requirements.


The PI Insurance DWH Model has been developed since 2009, based on experience in implementation in different insurance companies: Allianz Zagreb d.d., Basler osiguranje Zagreb d.d., aYo, Croatia osiguranje d.d., Erste osiguranje Vienna Insurance Group d.d., Jadransko Osiguranje d.d.

Key implementation steps

Step 1

Business Analysis

Step 2

Solution Blueprint Creation

Step 3


Step 4


Step 5

Implementation & Training

Step 6

Product & Support

Technical specifications

Consists of more than 400 Entities (Tables) grouped in 21 Subject areas and divided into 4 functional groups and additional Data Mart, which is derived from the functional groups’ entities. Based on a strong Primary Key – Foreign Key relationships that assure consistency in the model itself and in the content of the implemented Data Warehouse System.

About the company

Leading company in the field of analytical systems implementation and strategic ICT consulting in Southeast Europe. The company is registered in Zagreb and operates from offices in London, Stockholm, Vienna, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Belgrade, Podgorica and Sarajevo with more than 170 experienced consultants. We are specialized in implementation of Intelligent Decision Support Systems and provide implementation services for Data Warehouse, Big Data, Data Integration, Data Engineering, Business Intelligence, Data Science, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Planning and Budgeting, Financial Consolidation, Data Governance, Data Quality, Master Data Management and Data Privacy solutions.

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