Terms and Conditions

Introductory provisions

These Terms and Conditions apply to accessing and using the marketplace.mainstream.rs (“Website”) website and the use of all content available on the Platform. 

By accessing the Website, you’re agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, which represent a legally binding contract between you, the Website user, and the Mainstream LLC Belgrade company, CID: 20076682, based in Studentski trg 4, 11 000 Belgrade, contact email: marketplace@mainstream.rs (“Mainstream” or “we”).

Mainstream reserves the right to change/supplement the Terms and Conditions. These changes take effect on the day of the publication on the Website, and we advise you to check the Terms and Conditions from time to time to stay informed on the possible changes and supplementations. Accessing the Website after changes/supplementations to the Terms and Conditions will be seen as agreeing to such changes and supplementations. Upon accessing and using the Website, you are obliged to act in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and with the relevant legislation of the Republic of Serbia.

The goal and use of the Website

The Website is purely informative, and it aims to inform the users about the products and services offered on the Website without registering or making an account on the Website.

Anyone is free to access the Website, but it is primarily intended to present companies and their employees with 1) various B2B apps that aim to optimize business processes, and 2) the accompanying services that Mainstream offers (enabling license purchasing for further use, its activation, testing, providing infrastructure on Mainstream’s cloud for hosting the application, Mainstream’s expert support in regards to purchased application, etc.). This way, if you so choose, you can get a 2-in-1. Aside from purchasing the application, you get access to expert support and infrastructure for complete maintenance and smooth application functioning. On the other hand, you can choose to purchase only the right to use available applications. 

On the Website, you can get information regarding applications, their purpose, how they can help your business, and who develops said applications. The application author can be a third party – Mainstream’s partner company or Mainstream itself.

If you decide to purchase the license for application use, you can also decide to buy Mainstream’s services, which can include activation, testing, application hosting, and expert support regarding the purchased application. You will do this by concluding a contract with Mainstream directly, which will ensure the purchase of the license for application use and accompanying technical support services, per your needs.

If you decide to purchase the license for application use only, you will still conclude a license purchase contract.

Contract conclusion for the purchase of products and services

In case you’re interested in purchasing a license for application use, with or without accompanying Mainstream’s services, you can contact Mainstream via the available contact form on the Website and leave the necessary information. After that, you will be contacted by our Sales team for the potential conclusion of sales of the license for application use and providing Mainstream’s services contract. 

For the avoidance of any doubt, it’s impossible to conclude a contract of license for application use purchase, with or without accompanying technical services, via the Website. It is for informational purposes only and aims to help you decide if you will purchase any and which product or service by concluding a contract with Mainstream in which you will subsequently negotiate all the necessary terms after you contact Mainstream. 

In case you want to purchase both the license for application use and Mainstream’s support services after you contact Mainstream via the contact form available on the Website, the Mainstream team will identify the specific needs of your company and propose contract signing. After you sign the contract, Mainstream will place the application onto their infrastructure, perform customizations if necessary, as well as integration with other applications, and continue to provide maintenance and expert support. In case the application author develops a new version of the purchased application, Mainstream will offer to conclude a new contract or an annex to the existing contract, if needed.

Website content, rights, and obligations of Mainstream and users

For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, the term “Content” includes but isn’t limited to information, data, text, photographs, video and audio files, written posts and comments, software, scripts, visuals, design, signs, logos that are created, distributed or available in other ways throughout the Website.

The content represents the exclusive property of Mainstream unless it’s explicitly stated that a third party is the author or owner of an application or other products (“Third-Party Content”).

Content and Third-Party Content are protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights following the law, and they belong to Mainstream or third parties, Mainstream’s partners, whose products (applications) are presented on the Website.

Content and Third-Party Content cannot be used for commercial purposes, be duplicated, reproduced, copied, publicly displayed, distributed, reworked, sold, or used in any other way without written approval by Mainstream or the third party that owns Third-Party Content.

The Website user has to comply with all applicable laws, including but not limited to the laws of intellectual property when using the Website, Content, and Third-Party Content. The Website user also has to refrain from any actions that can endanger the rights of the intellectual property of both Mainstream and third parties.

Mainstream doesn’t take any responsibility for the availability of Content or Third-Party Content on the Website, compensation for damages to the operative system of the Website user, loss of data, or any other damages that can arise from the use of the Website, Content, or Third-Party Content. Mainstream doesn’t assume responsibility or guarantee that the Website will satisfy the user’s needs or be available in an undisrupted manner, without errors. The user doesn’t have the right to make requests from Mainstream regarding situations elaborated in this paragraph or to ask for any damage compensation.

The Website user is forbidden from performing any acts that will disable or interfere with the regular functioning of the Website. By accepting the Terms and Conditions, users agree that the Website can include advertising messages, links to other web locations, etc. By accepting the Terms and Conditions, users also agree to receive advertising messages. Mainstream doesn’t take any responsibility related to the content of advertising messages on the Website because that content is entirely the responsibility of the advertiser. 

Using the Website is the sole responsibility of the user, and Mainstream is not liable for any material or non-material damages that can occur by using the Website.

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