Blinking Identify RAPID

Software solution designed to enable completely remote user acquisition while providing a simple, secure and efficient user experience.
About the solution

Identify RAPID is a software solution designed to enable completely remote user acquisition while providing a simple, secure and efficient user experience.


Companies that adopt the Identify RAPID platform benefit from a dependable, safe, and simple method of verifying their customers’ identities. Simultaneously, businesses may create complex products and contract services remotely. To avoid identity theft and fraud, the solution employs powerful artificial intelligence techniques.

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Key business benefits

Cloud based solution

Easy activation via the Web; The highest standards in data protection and service reliability from the Cloud.

SaaS predefined product - on a turnkey basis

Remote contracting solution that is safe and dependable.

Flexibility in predefined packages tailored to the needs of businesses of all sizes

The service is simple to download and use; No need for a complex product design.

Minimal integrations, development and expenses

Rapid delivery of data in machine-readable form; There is no need for complex projects; Facilitates the optimization of jobs and responsibilities within the organization.

Excellent user experience

User has the impression that he is in the company environment (white-label product).

How does Blinking improve clients onboarding?

Use cases

Identify RAPID is ideal for any business that needs to digitize their offer, meet and acquire customers remotely. It is utilized in banking and payment institutions, brokerage – trading houses, gaming industry, telecommunications sector, e-commerce platforms, e-mobility industry, and businesses that demand KYC as a business requirement.

Key implementation steps

Step 1

Product selection by the Company

Step 2

Delivery of visual identity elements by the Company

Step 3

Integration via API

Step 4

Product launch

Technical specifications

Blinking Identify RAPID is a solution for fast, reliable and secure user identity verification. As a Web solution, it is adaptable and can function on all devices and operating systems without any development.

  • All that is required is that the device has an available camera.
  • It may be utilized as a stand-alone solution or integrated into existing company solutions, opening up new options for both existing and new products and users.
  • User data and documents are validated using OCR technology, AI and machine learning algorithms, and neural networks, which analyze the validity of personal documents and extract data.
  • The user’s identity is validated by biometric verification of the user’s face.The system also enables the implementation of the video identification procedure in accordance with the defined regulations.
  • APIs are used to integrate systems.
  • All interactions and data transferred throughout the process are encrypted and kept in accordance with the highest security standards and guidelines.


When it comes to integration, companies have several options. They may be completely integrated into ERP, DMS, CMS, and other systems.

About the company

Blinking helps businesses to migrate their services to the digital world while providing reliable user identity verification.

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