PI Profitability Solution

Calculate the profitability of your business and speed up reporting.
About the solution

PI Profitability Solution Solution is a generic solution based on IBM Planning Analytics that is fully scalable and completely adjustable to any organization and industry and any set of profit centers.


The goal of each enterprise is to make business operations generally profitable. Implementation of high-quality systems like our solution that is based on IBM Planning Analytics platform that helps you calculate your profitability is a step in the right direction. Our solution includes:
  1. Integration with external source systems and automated data load
  2. Supports hierarchical dimension structures which enables drill-up/drill-down/drill-through functionalities
  3. Supports profitability analysis for up to 8 different dimensions which can be defined as profit and/or cost centers
  4. Number and definition of selected dimensions in model depends on business requirements of your organization
  5. Allows unlimited number of parallel P&L structures
  6. Build-In automated control over allocation process
  7. Possibility to import allocation keys values from source systems
  8. Enables manual data entry for allocation keys (if values aren’t available in source systems)
  9. Contains period locking feature which doesn’t allow historical data change.

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Key business benefits


Scalable and completely adjustable to any organization and industry and any set of profit centers


Transparent and reliable profitability calculation and cost allocation


Contains simple user interface for grouping accounts into allocation and P&L positions

Detailed data analysis

Enables detail data analysis before and after allocation process from the lowest posting level through user interface

Web and Excel user interface

Build-In Web and Excel user interface based on organization preferences

Simulations and what-if analyses

Enables simulations and parallel alternatives which can be easily compared – easy alternative scenarios comparison and what-if analysis

Agility and automation

Fast identification of hot spots and KPI calculation automatization


Includes predefined reports which can be exported into .pdf or Excel file and easily distributed accross the company.

Use cases

Solution is fully adaptable to any organization, industry or profit center. It can use any set of profit centers and can be used to calculate profitability at the level of:

  • Products/Brands/Business units
  • Customer/Customer segments
  • Divisions
  • Branches
  • Markets/Regions
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Projects.

Key implementation steps

Step 1

Requirement analysis and assessment

Step 2

System specification with a list of prerequisites which has to be accomplished

Step 3

Satisfying all technical and organizational prerequisites

Step 4

Model implementation

Step 5

Model review and process adjustment (if necessary)

Technical specifications

Solution is based on the IBM Planning Analytics platform and inherits from it all technical functionalities and capabilities, HW and SW prerequisites and compatibility with other software solutions.

About the company

Leading company in the field of analytical systems implementation and strategic ICT consulting in Southeast Europe. The company is registered in Zagreb and operates from offices in London, Stockholm, Vienna, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Belgrade, Podgorica and Sarajevo with more than 170 experienced consultants. We are specialized in implementation of Intelligent Decision Support Systems and provide implementation services for Data Warehouse, Big Data, Data Integration, Data Engineering, Business Intelligence, Data Science, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Planning and Budgeting, Financial Consolidation, Data Governance, Data Quality, Master Data Management and Data Privacy solutions.

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