Amplify Loyalty™

Software that provides companies that want to boost sales and retain customers an insight to their customers' behavior and efficient reward and campaign mechanism for customers.
About the solution

Solution is intended for all companies with large number of clients operating in competitive markets who want to retain customers and boost sales. It also offers a significant knowledge of customers’ behaviour that companies can use to target clients’ segments with specific campaigns and product offerings.


Amplify Loyalty functions as SaaS and can be integrated with other systems and software. It has different modules that include: customer registration, customer reward, campaign engine, customer insights, partner redemption and Web/mobile loyalty options. We also offer business consulting to the clients before or during implementation.

Key business benefits

Improvement in customer retention

Well designed and easy to use program with flexibility on redemption, targeted communication and relevant to customers’ needs.

Increase in the overall business profit

By using your company loyalty program customers will be directed to shopping with you and using your services which will lead in sales increase.

Reduction in customer servicing costs net of reward costs

By having access to your customers’ behaviour companies have enormous value of data that can be transformed in specific channels of customer service.

Boost reputation

Creating a loyalty that will be perceived as valuable to the customer will increase their loyalty to your company and consequently sales.

Churn rate improvement

Happy customers will be more reluctant to shop between competitors searching for better offer each time and they will remain loyal to your company if they see value and benefits that will satisfy them.

Digital customer engagement

By using this loyalty your company will develop new digital sales channel and use of digital channels whenever it is applicable.

Use cases

  • Retail: retail industry is massively using loyalty programs, but only few of them have real value for both companies and clients. Depending on the business model, companies can create different rewards and discount mechanisms, partnership programs or tier segments
  • Insurance: insurance companies can sell more products to the customer using a good loyalty program and creating small benefits for customers
  • Betting: betting companies can integrate online and landbase business segments, learn more about landbase players and offer benefits as drinks, free spins etc and direct customers in the sales direction they want
  • Banking: competition in banking is high and product protfolio is similar among the banks. Therefore, banks need to differentiate with price and service and attract new customers. Loyalty can help banks not only to retain customers but to perform better customer profiling and targeted offer
  • Utilities: in a liberalised power supply customers look for stable and cheaper options, therefore loyalty can be a good solution for providers to mobilise customers’ base
  • Telecom: as a mature competitive industry telco players seek various alternatives to differentiate from competitors and attract new clients. Loyalty is one of possible means for that.


Case studies

Insurance Company


The system has been installed for Insurance company covering all different policies for end customers, providing a points system to be redeemed via a large partners programme with coupons. Also campaign management is used by the Insurance company along with a mobile app for end customers and a web user interface for internal users and agents.

Utility Company


A large Utility Company is using the system for their clients as a reward and campaign management programme in which they receive discounts based on different criteria.

Retail Company


This famous retail company has more than 15 branches for selling goods in the fashion sector. They use the system as a complete Reward and Campaign Management platform dividing their customers in different tiers and providing additional discounts based on various criteria.

Key implementation steps

Step 1

Business analysis

Step 2


Planning, design, development, testing, client feedback

Step 3


SIT/UAT testing, go live

Technical specifications

System has open API and file exchange possibility for integration. It is based on Microsoft technologies for application and database layers.


Cloud infrastructure

Mainstream cloud platform is based on VMware, Hyper-V, Cisco ACI, Citrix Netscaler, NetApp, 3PAR systems. All Mainstream data centers are Tier3 certified, and our SLA guarantees availability and performance at the service and application levels. The availability guarantee is 99.99%.

About the company

Intelli Solutions is founded in 2005 in Greece as a global digital transformation provider. Products are grouped in three lines: Idbox for digital onboarding and customer engagement, Synchordia DMS/ECM and Customer Interaction Hub in the field of customer knowledge and collaboration, Amplify Loyalty and Debt Collection software in the field of customer retention and upselling.

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