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Briefly about the solution

The integrated information system asw: dominus is a comprehensive product for managing all business processes and resources of a company (finance, human resources, goods, materials, fixed assets, etc.). It allows quick and easy expansion of functionalities and excellent configuration so that the appearance of the application and work is adapted to the needs of the users. 


asw: dominus is the central figure of every asw: ERP system and an integrated factor for all other ASW and foreign products. The system was created to increase the productivity and efficiency of the company, which is achieved by gaining complete insight into all the necessary information and by linking the various functional areas of business as a whole. It consists of nine subsystems and related modules that cover all business functions of the company:

Financial subsystem
Accounting subsystem
Subsystem for monitoring goods and finished products
Fixed assets monitoring subsystem
Human resources management subsystem
Material monitoring subsystem
Production monitoring subsystem
Logistics subsystem
Administration and configuration subsystem

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Increasing the productivity, efficiency, and profitability of the company

asw: dominus provides timely and accurate information and connects various functional areas of business as a whole, with a high degree of integration


asw: dominus is structured modularly, achieving complete flexibility and customization.

Integration with internal subsystem

asw: dominus is the central figure of every asw: ERP system, an integral factor for all other ASW and foreign products. For many ASW clients, this is the only element of an ERP system, so this product is often identified with ERP.

Scalable infrastructure

The mainstream team will help you take advantage of the flexibility of cloud technologies and tailor the infrastructure to your needs.

Personalized cloud model

Depending on your needs, our experts will help you implement a solution in a public or private cloud and design the optimal environment for the operation of asw: dominus software in your company.

Expert support

The mainstream team guarantees top performance, availability, and security of ASW solutions in the cloud infrastructure.

Use Case

The main purpose is to support the work of salespeople in the field through the creation of customer orders, with the possibility of insight into the price list, stocks, range, customer status, defining and tracking routes for salespeople, etc. The asw: dominus business system is primarily intended for the SME sector, as well as large companies in all industries. It enables control and gives a detailed insight into the flows and use of the company’s resources,that is, commodity flows, finances, and human resources. 

Solution users

Futura Plus

Dominus covers all business functions of Futura Plus (commodity management, finance, bookkeeping, payroll, and personnel records, and fixed assets management). A particularly important segment relates to the management and control of 12 regional centers from which proprietary and external retail facilities are supplied.


In the company Gomex, the implementation of the ERP system asw: dominus covers all business functions (management of goods operations, finance, bookkeeping, payroll and personnel records, and fixed assets management), as well as the implementation of a system for managing retail facilities.

Swisslion Group

With the introduction of the PC POS solution asw: mercantis, the Swisslion Group now organizes various marketing campaigns and manages a loyalty program for its regular customers in “Sweet Houses.” Complete management of sales promotion mechanisms is performed from regional centers.

Implementation steps

Step 1

Condition recording and project specification creation

Step 2

Consultation on the implementation of server and cloud versions depending on the size of the project and the number of users

Step 3

Creating a demo solution and verification with the user that all business processes are covered

Step 4

Downloading data and setting up the commissioning system

Step 5


Technical characteristics and compatibility

The cloud platform is based on VMware, Hyper-V, Cisco ACI, Citrix Netscaler, NetApp, 3PAR systems. All Mainstream data centers are Tier3 certified, and our SLA guarantees availability and performance at the service and application level. The availability guarantee is 99.99%, and resources can be increased as needed within 24 hours.

About the company

ASW Inženjering d.o.o. was founded in 1990 and offers products and services in the field of information technology. Their 60 engineers develop modern and complete software solutions, and the company also offers consulting and optimization of business process organizations, all with the aim of improving business and improving the client’s business results. They are the winners of the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce awards “Belgrade Winner” and “Plaque” for above-average results in business, development, and contribution to the success of the Belgrade and Serbian economy in 2015. They are winners of the Super Card competition for the best model of using artificial intelligence for loyalty solutions.

ASW and Mainstream nurture a long-term partnership with the mission of improving the business of companies in Serbia with the help of innovative solutions and cloud technologies.

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