Plan, predict and own your business analytics with a smart solution in the cloud.
About the solution

Farseer enables business planning, modelling and reporting. This innovative solution saves its users time by reducing manual tasks, generating automatic forecasts based on machine learning, and fast reporting and estimation (what if scenarios).


Farseer is a revolutionary tool for medium and enterprise companies which have outgrown a typical spreadsheet solution for planning and reporting. The solution offers full flexibility to the user in building simple or very complex financial models, and is suitable for companies with worldwide offices.

Compared to existing FP&A solutions, Farseer is more affordable, simple to integrate and automated when it comes to exporting data from accounting or banking systems. Farseer’s users can independently manage and customize models, reports and simulations, planning and user management.

This approach enables significant cost reduction (lower TCO). For rapid continuous improvement, users can rely on an agile team and expert support.

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20x faster financial modelling

Farseer enables fast, intuitive, and flexible financial modelling. The solution has a hierarchical structure, which means that users can be fully autonomous in changing or upgrading the existing model.

Sales forecasts

This machine-learning based application offers multidimensional forecasts and top-down & bottom-up distribution of values throughout the entire model.

Interactive dashboards

Farseer reports are dynamic so every change made in plan or realisation data is automatically rolled up. Users can share and create new reports and leverage advanced what-if simulation to test the influence of a certain or multiple variables on the entire model and their business.

Collaborative planning

With automatic generation of all user inputs, team leaders and lead planners can automate their manual entry of data from multiple sources into one document. Also, user right settings can be customized per groups and teams, which optimizes user management.

Use Case

Farseer is an ideal solution for medium sized and enterprise companies with 5 or more team members included in planning and reporting processes. The software is extremely flexible and industry agnostic. It is a great choice for distribution companies, but also for every business environment with big and hierarchically organized planning teams. Farseer simplifies production planning, automates forecasts and improves top-down or bottom-up planning.

Implementation steps

Step 1

Analysis – We begin the project by analysing the client’s financial, data, process and reporting model.

Step 2

Creating a financial model, setting the data and connecting the model elements with formulas.

Step 3

Functional testing, user testing, and a UAT workshop.

Step 4

Hosting the solution on customized cloud infrastructure.

Step 5

Stabilisation period – intensive customer support, user tracking and adoption.

Step 6

Scalable cloud infrastructure maintenance and optimisation.

Technical characteristics and compatibility

Farseer is a Software as a Service tool to which can be accessed via an app in their browser. There are no technical incompatibilities that can affect its implementation or usage.

Solution users


By connecting data with the main book and Farseer timesheet software, Mazars got a clear insight into team, project and client profitability.


Farseer has become the Coral’s team default tool for planning and reporting. The planning process became faster, more accurate and less centralized.

Annual top-down income planning in Lutrija usually took 3 weeks and included a lot of manual work. After Farseer was implemented, the entire process was reduced to just 1 click.

With Farseer we have shortened the planning cycle dramatically and made it more collaborative.

Martina Černi
Head of Controlling‏‏‎

We replaced Excel completely and we do all our financial planning and reporting in Farseer.

Bruno Oštrić
Head of Controlling

About the company

Farseer doo is a Croatian software company with a focus on the Farseer application implementation, customer support and consulting services in the filed of business planning and reporting. Fraseer & Mainstream partnership is an alliance with a mission to provide top of the class experience in advanced data analytics on cloud.

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