A bank which is where the user is.
About the solution

Fintense is a complete digital banking platform, built using the best practices in cooperation with banks across the world.
Fast implementation significantly shortens time-to-market, while at the same time offering a cloud-based solution that can be configured to suit your bank’s needs.


Our digital banking solutions support all standard banking functionalities, as well as many advanced ones. Basic features include management of accounts, deposits, cards & loans, all types of internal and external money transfers, secure communication with the customers, branch finder… The solutions can be used both for Individual and SME/Corporate customers, each split in an unlimited number of segments.

The functionalities are modular, meaning that a bank can choose which ones to make available to their customers, and optionally add other functionalities later.

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Customer-facing process automation

Key banking procedures such as onboarding new customers, lending, credit card applications, are automatized, online, and fully customized for superior user experience.


Opti-channel approach

With Fintense you can administrate all the digital channels from one place – including web, mobile, smartwatch etc. The infrastructure is the same for all channels, integration and data layers.

Advanced customer segmentation

Banks can create an unlimited number of design & functionality sets, to provide a tailor-made service for each customer segment.

Real-time customization

Fintense is a fast no-code solution that offers real-time customization of web & mobile app layouts and design changes.

Personalized cloud model

Depending on your needs, our experts will help you implement the solution in the public or private cloud and design the optimal environment for the Opera software functioning in your company.

Use Case

NF Innova digital banking solutions are meant to be used by banks and financial institutions (for example, lenders) of all sizes, whether they have an existing customer base or not. All of their customers can use the solution: Individuals, SMEs and large Corporates.

Implementation steps

Step 1

Workshops to determine the configuration and/or customizations needed for the customer, as well as designing custom onboarding and other automated processes.

Step 2

Configuration and development

Step 3

User Acceptance Testing

Step 4

Go live and support

Technical characteristics and compatibility

The platform is based on the microservice architecture, with an isolated presentation layer and a unique “identity” server. As a result, it can be extended and upgraded to add new modules but also various client systems, such as mobile applications or integrations with external systems such as Fleet, WMS, SAP, ERP, and MQTT/HTTP.

The platform NF Innova created should serve as the foundation allowing further incremental developments with the ultimate goal of making the customer experience simpler like never before.

Jonathan Caruana
CTO at APS Bank

We felt that collaboration with NF Innova best represented what we were aiming for and where we wanted to go. Now we are offering to our clients an agile and very innovative omni-channel platform.

Christian Canacaris
CEO at Raiffeisen Bank Albania

Together with our partner New Frontier Innova, we have implemented our new, improved and more “user-friendly” mobile application, upgraded according to the needs of our clients and their daily habits.

Atila Selim
Marketing Manager at Halkbank AD Skopje
Additional information

We’re delighted and honored to announce that NF Innova and Raiffeisen Bank Serbia have won the Finovate Award 2020 as „The Best Consumer Lending Platform for loan product “iKeš”. This banking solution won an award in the competition for the best global digital and technology innovations.

We are especially proud of the fact that we went up against such strong competition as American company SoFi whose value exceeds 5 billion dollars, successful company Sezzle from Australia and Earnest private Loans and won
And yes, we did it!
Finovate Awards gathers global banks, fintech companies, business accelerators and individuals, who compete in 25 different categories. The jury deciding on the winners is made up of leading experts from various industries, managers of large companies, media analytics, founders of fintech companies, etc. (Mary Wisniewsk, Chris Skinner, Jim Bruene)
This year, they had the tough task of choosing the best in different categories among a record number of solutions submitted.

About The Company

NF Innova, member of New Frontier Group, has a sole focus on Digital Banking and provides a unique digital banking software solution to visionary financial institutions by delivering a rich and seamless customer journey on any digital channel by enabling an End-2-End automation of Digital Products.

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