idbox™ Enterprise Content Management

Software for keeping, search, processing, retrieval and work with documents in a digital format; creation of workflows and digital signing of documents.
About the solution

Solution provides digitisation of historical and new documents, reduces printing expenses, and makes easier work with documents to all participants in the work process because all documents are kept in the software, decreases manual insertion of data from the documents and enables transfer of data from unstructured to structured form for different uses based on AI technology.


Idbox™ Enterprise Content Management is a product designed for back-office departments. Software can classify, verify and take over data from the documents using AI, deep learning and image processing technology 24/7. It is used for HR documents, contracts, invoices, credit files, insurance policies, quality control and other processes in large companies working with lot of documents.


DMS/ECM software has the option of E-archiving and trusted qualified keeping and archiving of documents according to regulations of the Republic of Serbia.

Key business benefits

Clients' onboarding and time to market speed

Process of client requests and approval of service is shortened in various industries.

Order to bill

Time for processing an order or delivery and collection is shortened.

Processing of invoices, contracts and cheques

Automation of invoices, contracts, cheques processing.

Back-office automation

Manual labour with documents is decreased, with shift of employees focus on clients and other processes.

Use cases

  • Banks: loan cycle management, cheques digitisation, HR documents, contracts, invoices and internal processes
  • Insurance companies: insurance policies, claims, contracts, invoices, HR documents, invoices and internal processes
  • Healthcare: patient data, invoices, patient health status reports, diagnoses, insurance companies’ related documents, invoices and internal processes
  • Laboratories: work processes in the laboratory, invoices, advances, payments, confirmations and approvals, invoices and internal processes
  • Telecom: contracts, HR files, invoices and internal processes

Case studies

Equities Company


A famous equities company has been using the system for their customers documents including not only the management and processing but also the scanning and direct uploading via an Outlook add-in. They also use it for internal approvals.



Three different banks are using the system for Cheque Processing covering the needs of scanning, archiving and validating cheques along with providing specification documents and reconciliation.



A large telecom company is using the system for customer document processing, scanning and management from internal users as well as a workflow system for the customers’ requests and complaints.

Key implementation steps

Step 1

Business analysis and consulting

Step 2

Project Management

Step 3


Step 4

SIT/UAT Testing

Technical specifications

The system is based on Microsoft technologies and has open API.


Cloud infrastructure

Mainstream cloud platform is based on VMware, Hyper-V, Cisco ACI, Citrix Netscaler, NetApp, 3PAR systems. All Mainstream data centers are Tier3 certified, and our SLA guarantees availability and performance at the service and application levels. The availability guarantee is 99.99%.

About the company

Intelli Solutions is founded in 2005 in Greece as a global digital transformation provider. Products are grouped in three lines: Idbox for digital onboarding and customer engagement, Synchordia DMS/ECM and Customer Interaction Hub in the field of customer knowledge and collaboration, Amplify Loyalty and Debt Collection software in the field of customer retention and upselling.

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