Improve B2B and B2C sales today.
Briefly about the solution

Intelisale provides customers with everything they need to reshape their sales strategy and digitize their business. In addition to empowering, transforming, and directly improving sales team results, Intelisale will align pricing strategies, customer support, operations, IT, marketing, and finance and thus increase the performance of the entire organization.


The platform is called “all-in-one” because it easily covers all sales and sales-related processes. Due to this modularity, the platform works on all sales channels, from small to growing to large companies. It provides support for field and telephone sales, smart route planning, market monitoring, e-commerce, as well as very detailed analytics and reporting by hierarchy levels. It is intended for all companies that deal with sales, sales promotion, and distribution because it is the best solution for sellers in the field, sellers over the phone, or in the store. In addition to direct sales, this tool significantly improves decision-making processes, which makes it very useful for the company’s top management. 

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How the Intelisale platform helps resellers


Ordering application

This platform is intended for field sellers who can see information about previous customer orders in one place and easily fill a new order with the ability to add recommended products (e.g., on sale) through a built-in system of smart recommendations. Additionally, full CRM is available on the go. Sellers can at any time see the history of customer orders, monthly and planned sales volume, as well as market potential. Special functionalities for merchandising are shelf inspection, planogram synchronization, photographs, questionnaires through the implementation of retail competition analysis and product listing. 

Telephone sales for incoming and outgoing calls

It facilitates the work of team members by preparing a list of customers who need to be called each day, as well as the estimated duration of the call. Additionally, the tool recognizes the ID of incoming calls and redirects buyers to the seller, thus reducing friction in cooperation with partners. CRM functionalities also make it easier for salespeople to work, providing them with a comprehensive insight into their previous cooperation with customers. 

Route planning and customer visits

It solves the great challenge of creating an optimal plan to visit customers on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. The smart route planning tool allows you to define for each customer the number and dynamics of visits in a certain period of time, as well as the time that needs to be spent with each customer. Intelisale additionally provides an enhancement for customers with a completely unique and modern interface, imported maps, calendars, real-time vendor visits, as well as time-tracking and breaks. 


In the world of B2B sales, with the growing trend of online orders, Intelisale offers a solution for B2B, but also for B2C sales with all the benefits that online sales bring, that is, the ability for customers to place an order at any time of the day, easily and quickly, without stress. The e-commerce solution is tailored to each customer, as well as for use on mobile devices. It uses technology for successful search engine rankings (SEO). 

Reporting and analytics

With just a few clicks, a company’s top management can determine sales results, the efficiency of individual salespeople, sales teams, or the entire organization. You can also see how different sales channels work, as well as the results achieved by customer, brand, or item. The tool comes with dozens of already prepared reports, and new ones can be easily created as needed. Special attention is paid to their design so that they are clear and easy to understand, as well as easily copied and transferred to any other form of a client report. 

Merchandising tools

Efficient organization and monitoring of all activities in the sales facility during the visits with the entry of data on the current situation from the field, which, thanks to integration with ERP system and online/offline mode, automatically gives a proposal for recommended correction according to the situation. In addition to monitoring the planogram, price lists, and items, it is possible to document photos that will become available to all users of the database, which can monitor the POS activities of the competition, but also conduct questionnaires for various purposes. 

Personalized cloud model

Depending on your needs, our experts will help you implement the solution in the public or private cloud and design the optimal environment for the operation of Intelisale software in your company.

Scalable infrastructure

The mainstream team will help you take advantage of the flexibility of cloud technologies and tailor the infrastructure to your needs.

Complete support in one place

Mainstream teams guarantee top performance, availability, and security of solutions in the cloud infrastructure.

Use Case

The Intelisale solution for B2B and B2C sales thinks, automates, guides, and significantly improves vendor productivity. The Intelisale platform can also be used by small organizations with a few dozen products on offer, as well as large, multinational corporations with tens of thousands of items and teams of vendors with tens or hundreds of members. Because of the flexibility and modularity of the product, customers can choose the functionality they need the most or the business segment or product group in focus. 

All of the listed functionalities make the product applicable in a large number of industries, from construction, mining, or the automotive industry, all the way to consumer goods or tobacco industry, and even in medicine, healthcare, and cosmetics.

The Intelisale solution has significantly increased the productivity of our sales teams in the field, as well as the entire organization. After only a few months, we saw positive results, with big jumps in productivity and revenue growth. This is not just an ordering tool. This is a solution that contains BI functionalities that are so powerful that we already have insight into the data and the market that will provide us with a leading position in the market for many years to come.

Aleksandar Grgić
General Director, Wurth Serbia

At Intelisale, we have recognized an ambitious and professional team that always wants to take a step forward, a team that will be able to follow our development. By exchanging ideas, knowledge, and experience, we jointly built a platform for the FMCG sector with which we optimized and improved sales processes. By implementing the Intelisale platform, we have increased the efficiency and effectiveness of each vendor, and at the same time, we have gained additional tools for monitoring, measuring, and reporting on the achieved results. We count on them in the continuous improvement of the platform in accordance with their readiness to recognize changes and challenges in the market and react quickly and innovatively. As a proven reliable partner, we are ready to entrust them with the new projects we are planning.

Ivana Cvijović
Director, Omnico distribution

An excellent tool for fieldwork! I even recommended Intelisale to all my clients who have a mobile workforce. It is incredibly easy to use and customize. It has changed the way organizations gather information on the field and respond to changes in the market. The solution is easy to use, and it constantly updates. Modular packages and payment structure per user make it affordable for any size company.

Marko Purković
Founder & Director, Brand Care Group

The Intelisale platform has been completely upgraded and adjusted to our needs as it integrates our procurement, logistics, and sales processes by supporting all communication and sales channels, both online and in-house, and through supporting our customers. What drew us to Intelisale were their elaborate systems proven in practice in various industries and markets, and on the other hand, a complete adaptation to our needs that they understood and easily integrated!

Alma Grba
Marketing manager,

Implementation steps

Step 1

Needs analysis and definition

Step 2

Creating an environment and testing

Step 3

Going live and offering support

Technical characteristics and compatibility

Regardless of the number of products/functionalities used by the customer from the Intelisale platform, the integration leads to the improvement of the customer’s business through the following steps:
(1) Deep integration with the client’s ERP system regardless of the brand or type;
(2) Easily add any “3rd party” tools like BI tools, CRMs, etc.;
(3) Current connection with existing customer systems;
(4) Potentially and additionally simple data entry (which is intended primarily for smaller organizations).

About the company

Intelisale is a company that uses its software platforms (SaaS) to improve the future of B2B and B2C sales. Since 2015, Intelisale has been working with the world’s leading companies to improve the performance of each vendor, as well as the business results of the organization. By applying the latest technologies, many years of experience in IT and business, as well as the approach of complete customization for each client individually, Intelisale directly enhances productivity, thus standing out not only as a “software provider” but also as a “solution provider.”

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