JS7 – Job Scheduler

Automate, integrate, and control your business processes.
About the solution

JS7 Job Scheduler* enterprise software automates and integrates business processes and workflows. As a cloud-hosted solution, JS7 provides you with a complete and fast automation service without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.


*JS7 is owned and maintained by SOS GmbH.


Traditional process management solutions can’t keep up with the needs a modern business has in the domain of automation, availability, and real-time delivery. JS7 Job Scheduler was created to provide this and more:


  • A possibility to integrate into a complex environment with heterogenic operating systems and platforms
  • Enterprise-grade automation, integration and orchestration functionality of the IT processes on various platforms: Windows, Linux, Unix
  • Remote scheduling
  • A native YADE managed file transfer solution integration.

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High availability

JS7 provides two high-availability cluster options for businesses that can’t afford a halt in the IT activity automation.

Real time monitoring and control

All from one place, with  Job Scheduler Operations Center (JOC) Cockpit web interface.


Various integration possibilities (including LDAP authentification) and adjusting the solutions to specific processes.


Job Scheduler is hosted on the Mainstream Enterprise Cloud platform with high-end technology that guarantees an optimal solution performance.

Fast automation

By using proven methodologies, our experts will ensure that the solution is implemented in an agile way, and seamlessly integrated with your environment.

A complete support

For software configuration and installation, optimal cloud environment design and proactive problem solving.


Use Case

JS7 is best used for automation of risk calculation, database transfers, backup copies and finance sector management, as well as for automated maintenance of legal documents.

Within the healthcare segment, JobScheduler has a wide usage for automated management of health insurance business documents, including individual and serial letters, as well as formatting and printing.


Implementation steps

Step 1

System analysis, gathering and adjustment of the requests, and project planning.

Step 2

Designing an optimal cloud environment and infrastructure provisioning.

Step 3

Go live and support

Technical characteristics and compatibility

JobScheduler JOC Cockpit​/ Web Service

The JOC Cockpit is the user interface for job control with browsers. User access the Master using a Web Service that performs authentication and authorization – optionally against LDAP directory.

Master/agent JobScheduler

The JobScheduler-as-a ServiceMaster executes tasks and orchestrates Agents. Agents are deployed on top of existing servers running the programs and scripts that should be scheduled.

Mainstream Enterprise Cloud

The technical platform is based on VMware, Hyper-V, Cisco ACI, Citrix Netscaler, NetApp, 3PAR systems. All Mainstream data centres are Tier3 certified, and our SLA guarantees availability and performance at the service and application levels. The availability guarantee is 99.99%, and resources can be increased as needed within 24 hours.


About the company

The SOS specializes in office automation, development of heterogeneous software programs and provision of services and support. Starting with mainframe machines, a decade later the company had moved on to focus on automated document management on Windows and Unix systems.

In 2005 the SOS GmbH introduced Open Source licensing for a JobScheduler-as-a-Service solution, followed by a managed file transfer solution in 2011. In 2012 SOS GmbH was included by Gartner information technology research and advisory company in its Magic Quadrant for workload automation.

SOS and Mainstream nurture a long-term partnership with the mission of improving the business operations of companies in Serbia with the help of innovative solutions and cloud technologies.



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