Omega HR office

3 times faster to a comprehensive solution for the HR department.
About the solution

Omega HR office is a comprehensive solution that covers a large number of processes within the HR and significantly improves the operation of every business system.

Omega approach

We know that every client is special and that their business processes are special. Consequently, one-size-fits-all software solutions cannot always really solve their problems. That’s why custom software is needed. The path to custom software should be fast, comfortable and economical. Otherwise, solving the problem will be late, laborious and financially unprofitable.

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It provides insight into the organizational structure and positions of employees, including detailed information about the employee’s record, business history, legal affairs, absence and sick records, seniority…


Optimized process for tracking and updating requests from the employee, providing a simple display of personal data, initiating and tracking personal requests (vacation, sick leave, overtime…)…


The portal makes it easier for the manager to monitor and analyze the activities of each employee and thus provides real information at any time (review of activities per employee, initiation and follow-up of requests, verification…)


Planning and monitoring of work activities from organization of business unit, administration of all business and workplaces to records and monitoring of work equipment


Defining work schedules at the level of organizational units/teams, work shifts, as well as requests for schedule changes…


System of records for registration and deregistration from work, creation of monthly reports as preparation for salary calculation…


Planning and recording of all types of training/training/seminars/ as well as other mandatory activities for the promotion and education of employees, monitoring the costs of activities…


Employee performance monitoring through annual/quarterly results, employee satisfaction evaluation forms and goal tracking…


Everything that is the ideology or mission of a system and is nurtured internally (voting for the best colleague, New Year’s packages…)

Solution advantages and clients

The main advantages of Omega’s methodology are:

  • Complete adaptation of the application to the client’s needs
  • The client can directly monitor project deadlines and progress
  • Any errors in logic, design or implementation are very quickly spotted
  • Efficient adaptation of applications to new business needs

Solution users

Implementation steps

Step 1

Analysis and definition of specific needs (process analysis)

Step 2

Customization of solutions and implementation (workshops)

Step 3

Building a scalable cloud infrastructure

Step 4

Maintenance and support

Technical characteristics and compatibility

For the successful and efficient introduction of the application, it is necessary for the client to delegate one or more persons whose role it is to provide the necessary information and coordinate communication between Omega’s consultants and the client’s IT sector and/or other sectors responsible for implementation.

  • Access to the web application from any computer and mobile device;
  • Application hosting on Mainstream infrastructure;
  • Possible integration with other systems.


Cloud infrastructure

The mainstream cloud platform is based on VMware, Hyper-V, Cisco ACI, Citrix Netscaler, NetApp, 3PAR systems. All Mainstream data centers are Tier 3 certified, and our SLA guarantees service and application level availability and performance of 99.99. The solution can also be implemented on public cloud platforms – MS Azure, AWS and Google Cloud.

About the company

Since 2014, Omega Business Development has been perfecting and applying its own methodology and tools for the development of business applications in a unique way. Therefore, our clients can count on accumulated knowledge and experience because they are actively involved in the development of a product that fully meets their needs.
Some of the companies we worked with include DHL, Addiko Bank and Faculty of Organisational Sciences.

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