PaletaWMS – full traceability of your warehouse

An advanced and fully automated system for monitoring warehouse processes.
About the solution

PaletaWMS performs complete control over all processes within the warehouse in real time – receipt, storage, stock, shipping…


PaletaWMS is an advanced system that fully automates the operation of warehouse operations, controls warehouse workers and stocks. A big advantage of Palette WMS is in its fast, intuitive and user-oriented web and PDA interface. By using advanced statistics as well as additional modules: Advanced Picking, Packing, Transport with routing option, advanced ABC analysis, IoT (RFID, temperature/humidity, various alarm conditions…) and Konekt CRM/B2B, the client has complete Sales Force Automation in with your own hands. The PaletaWMS supports all ERP systems and works in the cloud or locally.

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Key business benefits


Managing other clients stocks within one warehouse allows you to turn the remaining part of the space, which is not fully used, into profit, by shipping and monitoring other clients stocks.

Fast system integration

The solution is fully standardized and intended for different verticals without the need for additional development. Through the simple wizard configurator of your warehouse and through video tutorials, integration and training take place in just a few days.

Web-oriented user interface

Optimized for PCs, PDAs, tablets, phones…

Scalable and modular

B2B CRM, advanced BI, ABC lager analysis, advanced process optimization using machine learning/AI, automation of courier services, lab management…

Automation of information and processes

Be updated about the productivity of your processes in real time, which will speed up the making of critical decisions.

Cloud infrastructure

The system can be executed within the Mainstream cloud platform with guaranteed availability and performance on service and application level.

Integration with any ERP solution

PaletteWMS has a tool for establishing communication between the two systems. Successful integrations with the following ERP systems were implemented: Pantheon, Microsoft Navision, SAP, BizniSoft…

100% traceability of the process

Users of the PaletaWMS system can fully rely on the guided processes presented by the system, which guarantee 100% traceability from receipt to shipment of stock.

Use cases

The PaletaWMS system can be applied in all vertical industries: production, distribution, logistics, pharmacy… The system is ideal for warehouses with a high degree of process disorder due to the integrated ISO way of movement and traceability of goods, from receipt to shipping and delivery. The main advantage of the PaletaWMS system lies in the complete standardization of your warehouse operation according to all world logistics standards, which include: complete warehouse control using integrated ABC XYZ analysis, automation of work orders, employee control, advanced incident reporting, communication with any external systems…

Key implementation steps

Step 1


Step 2

Functional analysis

Step 3

Additional development and on-site implementation

Step 4

End users training

Step 5

Initial stock inventory

Step 6

Go-Live – Releasing projects into production

Technical specifications

The PaletaWMS platform is based on web cloud technology. The database infrastructure is based on the PostgresSQL platform. Our focus is the security of our clients’ data.


Cloud infrastructure

Mainstream cloud platform is based on VMware, Hyper-V, Cisco ACI, Citrix Netscaler, NetApp, 3PAR systems. All Mainstream data centers are Tier3 certified, and our SLA guarantees availability and performance at the service and application levels. The availability guarantee is 99.99%.

About the company

Konekt doo supports companies on the path of digital transformation, through various types of services it provides. As a provider of complete solutions, clients have recognized our expertise in the following segments:

  1. IT and software consulting
  2. IT Infrastructure – from the computer network to the data center
  3. IT security – top technology, professional support, system monitoring
  4. Business solutions – WMS, CRM/B2B, MES
  5. Industrial IOT
  6. E-learning platforms

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