Selecta – Next-Generation CRM

Selecta is a Next Generation CRM platform where customers are essentially fond of real-time communication, accessibility, and personalization.
About the solution

Selecta is forever partner on a company’s transformation path to build long-lasting relationships with their customers and shift to data-driven business. It provides an all-data-in-one-place concept and ease of app usage to support employees on different levels. With Selecta, companies are in step with digital trends, where customers are essentially fond of real-time communication, accessibility, and personalization.


Selecta is a next-generation CRM platform that is implemented as a set of modules – Operational, Analytical, Campaign Management, Survey Management, Ticketing and Advisory Module. The platform gathers data from all physical and digital channels, recognizes valuable insights and helps in real-time decision making. Selecta provides the necessary set of tools for all needed business processes and a lightweight approach to each of the company’s customer segments.

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Key business benefits

Data collection and centralization

Selecta guides companies through each step of their development journey. Starting with customer collection and understanding, Selecta gathers data from various communication channels and other data sources in one place.

Real-time decision making

Selecta enables companies’ employees to productively and efficiently finish day-to-day work with comprehensive customer and activity management. It supports creating a unique customer journey for each customer.

Personalized customer journey

Selecta has a powerful multifunctional communication toolkit that consists of Lead Management, Retention Management, Campaign, Feedback, Ticketing, and Advisory Module. One of their key benefits is delivering an omnichannel and personalized customer experience through customers’ preferred channels.

Advanced analytics integration into business

Selecta enriches and adds value to business processes and decision-making with advanced analytics functionalities. They provide insights about customer behavior, their tendencies (next best offer, or potential product closing), customer lifetime value, etc.

Use cases

Selecta creates new value for businesses from different industries such as the financial industry, retail, consumer goods, communications, public sector, transportation, hospitality, insurance, travel industry, etc.
Selecta is created for various roles within a company – from sales agents, marketing managers, contact center agents, and branch employees, to heads of departments and top management.
In a sales department with Selecta, employees can model and design sales processes, manually create leads, track automatically created leads over a wide range of channels, etc.
Selecta enables creating customer journey campaigns, single-step bulk campaigns, and multistep event-based campaigns and gives the marketing department ability to design well-visualized content and easily define the target audience by using advanced analytics.
With the assistance of the analytical module, businesses can prevent customers from leaving, create personalized offers, define customer segments, provide financial advising, etc.
Covering various use cases, Selecta enables overall businesses, but also every role in the company to maximize the value they bring.

Key implementation steps

Step 1

Requirement analysis

Step 2

Preparation of infrastructure and other prerequisites

Step 3

Integration and development

Step 4

Testing and user training

Step 5

Usage and continual solution improvement

Nowadays, to survive, companies worldwide, have to adopt quickly to rapidly changing markets and increasingly demanding customer expectations. With the vision to be the most recommended financial institution in the Serbian market, together with our vendor Intellya, we have developed highly flexible CRM platform - Selecta. Knowing that the platform sophistically manages with all customer touch-points for marketing and sales activities, we are able to significantly improve the quality of the relationship with our customers and overall user experience. Finally, we are maximizing Customer Lifetime value and Customer Equity.

Dragan Mikičić
Head of CRM Department, Raiffeisen bank Serbia

Having in mind the dynamic nature of the travel industry and variability in customer needs, we were looking for a comprehensive CRM which will help us to excel in acquiring more travelers, optimizing the existing sale process for both employees and customers, and servicing the whole loyalty base with the best offers and the most accurate information. Selecta solution helped us on this journey of becoming the most preferred travel company in Serbia and is still our choice for improving relationships with travelers.

Nebojša Božović
Commercial director, Filip Travel

Technical specifications

Selecta is a completely modular, highly scalable solution, with multilayer architecture and an agile approach to solution implementation.
Selecta can be integrated with a wide range of different systems and one of its main components is the hub for real-time decision making. The NextGen CRM is an in-house solution developed by using state-of-the-art technologies. It supports both, real-time and batch data synchronization.

About the company

Intellya is the leading partner that drives business transformation by creating highly sophisticated AI-empowered software solutions. Intellya supports business digitalization, increases customer and employee satisfaction, and guides overall goal-achieving through real-time decision-making and smart automation. Driven by our vision to create first-class software solutions through applying the latest technologies, we build strong bonds with our clients and continuously contribute to their business by adding new values.

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