Visual Analytics

Get the most out of advanced analytics with a cloud application model and complete support.
Briefly about the solution

SAS Visual Analytics on the cloud is a solution for banks and other companies that require a tool for rapid analysis and visualization of data and want to eliminate the complexity of on-premise implementation. The solution is hosted on highly available cloud infrastructure in compliance with local regulations and managed by Mainstream experts. Therefore, it does not require investment in hardware and resources that would maintain physical infrastructure. 


SAS Visual Analytics helps companies solve complex challenges and open new business opportunities with:


  • A modern, integrated environment for reporting, researching, and analyzing data.
  • Easy to use and self-service analytics for business users and decision-makers without any technical background.
  • Integration with various data sources, including Microsoft Office.
  • Data visualization helps to discover important relationships, trends, and patterns from large amounts of data. 
  • Real-time visual display sharing, using well-known tools such as Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Ability to gain important business insight anywhere, with native mobile applications.


SAS Visual Analytics, hosted on the cloud, enables companies to accelerate the creation of value from data with a complete service of analysis, licensing, and installation of software and fully managed infrastructure.

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Advanced analytics for all users

Forget the scattered tools and improve data analytics and management with a single platform for all users, from data scientists to risk analysts in banks to domain experts in marketing, finance, or accounting. 

Adjusted cloud infrastructure

Mainstream experts will design a cloud environment for optimal operation of SAS Visual Analytics in your company, with a focus not only on performance but also on the cost-effectiveness of the solution. As a multi-cloud partner, we will help you implement a SAS solution on a private or public cloud. 

Scalable cloud resources

The infrastructure on the cloud can quickly and easily adapt to analytic requirements. That eliminates the time and financially demanding hardware upgrades and enables faster operation. If you already use SAS Visual Analytics, our team can help you efficiently move your solution to the cloud and reap the benefits. 

Safety and compliance

Our service includes strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that guarantee regulatory compliance, security, and reliability of your infrastructure and analytical data. Depending on the needs of your company, we offer you the option to host the SAS solution in Serbia or within the European Union. 

Application of SAS Visual Analytics

SAS Visual Analytics in the cloud allows companies to apply “self-service” analytics and focus on transforming data into important insights without worrying about the background infrastructure. It can be used by companies in various industries, including:


Banks and insurance companies

For financial institutions, SAS Visual Analytics helps gain a holistic picture of regional business, identify potential risks and consequences of market changes at all levels (holding companies, subsidiaries, lines of business), and ensure regular compliance.



Using SAS Visual Analytics, retail companies can analyze the results of retail operations at the regional level, use what-if scenarios to make decisions about store locations and modifications, and ensure the success of promotions by comparing expected and realized revenues.

Thanks to the intuitive design and accessible visuals, SAS Visual Analytics allows us to create and shape reports that are easily accessible to any employee, even those without a technical background.

Dejan Donev
Head of Risk Management, Erste& Steiermarkische bank d.d

We now know what our clients’ interaction with the bank is, what the best deals for them are, and we know how to retain customers.

Dejan Dimić
Head of CRM

Implementation steps

Step 1

Needs analysis and definition.

Step 2

Software installation, verification, and validation after installation.

Step 3

Data preparation, UAT and end-to-end testing, documentation, and visualization of reports.

Step 4

Creating a cloud environment and testing.

Step 5

Going live and offering support.

Technical characteristics and compatibility

Depending on your needs, we offer you the options to host SAS visual analytics on a public (Microsoft Azure) or private cloud (Mainstream Enterprise cloud platform) managed by Mainstream experts.


The technical platform is based on VMware, Hyper-V, Cisco ACI, Citrix Netscaler, NetApp, 3PAR systems. All Mainstream data centers are Tier3 certified, the availability guarantee is 99.99%, and resources can be increased as needed within 24 hours.

About the company

SAS is a global company focused on creating intelligent analytical solutions for companies that value the power of their data. As a longtime leader in analytics with over 40 years of experience, SAS offers broad knowledge and understanding that allows companies to choose smarter solutions and make big business changes. Mainstream is a proud SAS partner in Serbia and the region with a mission to improve the business of companies with innovative software solutions hosted on reliable cloud infrastructure.

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