Weaver – AI Conversational Platform

Empower digital transformation and revolutionize customer experience with sophisticated chatbot solution.
About the solution

Weaver is a top-of-the-line AI platform manifested in the form of an elegant and sophisticated chatbot solution. With Weaver you have the opportunity to empower digital transformation and revolutionize customer experience. Weaver is developed to be your customers’ preferred channel for interaction with businesses. Powered by most advanced AI techniques to create the best possible natural language understanding Weaver is pushing the boundaries of conversational AI and enabling Intellya to drive digital experience to the next level.


Weaver is an artificial intelligence driven software product that simulates natural language communication and enables customer to get instant answers and explanations through written or spoken conversation based on specific business scenarios. The solution supports cases from Q&A over transactional scenarios to very advanced robo advising scenarios. Weaver helps companies provide their customers with faster and easier access to information about products, expose advanced and completely new services, and optimize the overall user experience across multiple communication channels (Web Chat, Facebook Messanger, Viber, Skype, Instagram, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Microsoft Teams, Whatsapp, etc.). Besides that chatbot works 24/7, he helps cut down on operational costs, offers  brand boosting by creating a personalized campaign, increases sales by converting leads into revenues and  accelerates business growth.

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Key business benefits

Humanized digital experience

Built on industry leading conversational AI technology and expertise with the powerful and unique bot engine, Weaver is capable to lead natural conversations with voice or text and provide human-level engagement and support.


Not only that he is capable of understanding and processing nearly all world languages Weaver as a virtual assistant can detect the language or alphabet in which the user writes or speaks and answer accordingly.

Voice bot

Weaver is a real voice bot which means that he is not only capable to understand voice input and respond in the same manner, but also allows callers to navigate through interactive communication with their voice using natural language instead of listening to menus and pressing corresponding buttons on their keypad.

Extended hours and reduced live agent reliance

Weaver meets your clients’ needs 24/7 – after office hours, during holidays, even in the middle of the night.

Omnichannel concept

Weaver can be easily integrated and adapted to any communication channel. Besides the textual/voice messaging, the content chatbot delivers to customers includes menus, horizontal and vertical lists, multimedia, voice, and other channel specific rich content elements. Weaver automatically adapts messages to match the interface used by each channel, while users are able to seamlessly switch between the channels during the conversation.

Unique user experience and improved CSAT

Users get immediate and detailed answers and instant gratification, so there is no an endless queue of impatient or upset clients.

Process automation with integrations

With the deep understanding of your customers’ needs and automation of processes, Weaver provides individual and valuable information to each customer. It sends out right on time dynamic follow-up communications that encourage clients to engage in more activities.

Proactive robo-advisor

Just like a human financial advisor, Weaver knows how to give your clients the information such as how much they spent on some category during the last month.

Use cases

Our AI chatbot solution scales company operations, productivity, and revenue throughout process automatization. Weaver can be implemented in various industries, such as banking, insurance, telecommunications, public sector, travel industry, health, education, online retail, aviation, food market, and many others, but also for internal use of the company, for example as human resource chatbot, internal IT chatbot or every other sector which poses a knowledge base valuable to others.

Key implementation steps

Step 1

Analysis and definition of the project scope

Step 2

Preparation of test and production environment

Step 3

Development and implementation

Step 4

UAT – user acceptance testing

Step 5

Stabilization and retesting

Step 6

Pilot production

Step 7

Go live

Intellya comes through quickly proposal with ChatBot solution – now we have better CX and our clients are happy because of our responds rate - in a second. Yes, you read that right! They're certainly go-to IT company of choice regarding AI!

Danilo Virić
Expert for IT projects and analysis of digital channels, OTP Bank

With Ana Chatbot, we managed to reduce the pressure on the employees in the contact center and to have the success rate on all channels over 90%. Intellya is an innovative strategic partner on the path to our digital transformation.

Ana Ninković
Consumer Care Team Manager, Consumer Care Sector, A1

As a fulfillment of our vision to be innovators on the market, together with Intellya, we introduced the digital assistant REA - a chatbot based on artificial intelligence to support our clients’ needs and help them get relevant information quickly and easily. Using a chatbot we opened the door to endless possibilities - providing personalized data, various services and sales information, even educating non-digital clients, and adapting them to this and other digital channels. Thanks to Intellya`s versatile technical expertise and great collaboration, we have continuously improved the product to be closer to clients and to create a unique user experience.

Nebojša Jovanović
Head of Digital Banking & Products Division, Raiffeisen bank Serbia

Weaver consists of the following modules

Conversational AI Builder

The digital assistant builder was created with business people in mind so there is no need for software coding knowledge. The most superior software provides platform administrators with an intuitive and intelligent tool for building conversational experience in a very simple and visual way which encourages the independent use and daily improvement of your virtual assistant.

Advanced Intelligent Conversation Management Module

Weaver provides a personality-led, humanized experience which builds a strong competitive advantage. Built on industry leading conversational AI technology and expertise with the powerfull and unique bot engine, Weaver is able to lead natural conversations using text, voice and provide human-level engagement and support.

Customer Profile Overview

The communication profile integrates all modules and provides a 360 overview for each user, which enables the identification of key points of interest.
This module represents mini-CRM solution within the Weaver platform which provides chatbot administrators with valuable information regarding each user’s behavior.

Proactive Management Module

This module enables a proactive way of communication, which further encourages the activity and engagement of end users and has a positive impact on the user experience.
Proactive module changes the way of communication with end users, instead of waiting for the user to get involved – which may or may not happen – chat continues the conversation and encourages the user’s reaction according to predefined rules.

Weaver Contact Center Module

For businesses that do not use the enterprise contact center solution, we have developed a Weaver contact center module incorporated into the platform which offers all the possibilities like any other enterprise contact center and allows easy shift between chatbot and live agents while preserving context using only one tool that facilitates and speeds up the process.

Analytical Module

This module enables real time monitoring as well as analytics available 24/7 which gives administrators overview of all conversations in the real time as well as significant analytical data through the reports and interactive dashboard.

External API Module

In order to achieve highly personalized communication and create additional value for end users, we have developed a module for code free integration with any external data source.

Technical specifications

The technology behind the simple and intuitive user interface is created to drive the intelligent automation of business processes, but also create new values for both the company and customers. In order to provide companies with a competitive advantage in the era of digitalization and deliver a seamless customer experience, we have combined the most advanced technologies in the AI industry which can be integrated with all systems. The core of the robust platform is formed of the modules that allow Weaver to understand and follow complex human-like conversations – NLP and Weaver engine. With an emphasis on software security, Weaver was developed in accordance with ISO standards – ISO 9000, ISO 27701, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 14001, ISO 20000-1, ISO 22301, and ISO 45001. In this way, Weaver meets the most complex requirements and challenges of the market positions itself as a leader in the SE region.

About the company

Intellya is the leading partner that drives business transformation by creating highly sophisticated AI-empowered software solutions. Intellya supports business digitalization, increases customer and employee satisfaction, and guides to overall goal-achieving through real-time decision-making and smart automation. Driven by our vision to create first-class software solutions through applying the latest technologies, we build strong bonds with our clients and continuously contribute to their business by adding new values.

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